Snuggle Chair

Snuggle Chair

Posted By: Paul

On: November 6th 2012

Tags: Snuggle Chair, Swivel Snuggle Chair, Irish Made, Made to Measure.

We all remember the ad, the one for drinking chocolate were it’s snowing outside and a girl is curled up on a snuggle chair beside an open fire. Now we can’t do anything about the snow (not that you’d want to see snow again after last year) but we can make you a snuggle chair.

Snuggle chairs are a great option for any area that is too small for a 2 seater sofa but too big for a standard size chair. They work particularly well in bay windows and you can get most of them with a swivel base which allows you to turn the chair 360 degrees. ( perfect for keeping a eye on the neighbours) The snuggle chairs can all be made to measure aswell so you can have it the exact size you need.

Snuggle Chair Zara Swivel Snuggle Chair Vigo Swivel Snuggle Chair